Cherry Blossom Photo Location Guide for Tokyo

Greetings from Tokyo’s lovely cherry blossom world—a photographer’s paradise. Each spring, the city is transformed into a dreamy pink and white canvas, providing a captivating sight for both amateur and professional photographers. We’ll look at the best spots in Tokyo to take pictures to preserve the ephemeral beauty of sakura season in this blog post. Every place, from well-known landmarks to undiscovered treasures, provides a different setting to capture the enchanted bloom of cherry blossoms. These photo locations promise to deliver breathtaking images for your travel and photography expedition, regardless of whether you’re carrying a DSLR or simply your smartphone. Now let’s explore the best places to take stunning cherry blossom pictures in Tokyo, one of the most vibrant cities on Earth, as we immerse ourselves in the city’s sakura splendor.

Sakura Forecast 2024

Status of 10/01/2024

According to the Tokyo Sakura (cherry blossom) forecast for 2024, cherry trees should start to bloom on March 23 and reach full bloom by March 30. The Japan Meteorological Corporation’s forecasts served as the foundation for this one.

In general, it is anticipated that Japan’s cherry blossoms would open a few days sooner than usual in 2024. Around March 18, the first blooms are expected to appear in Kochi Prefecture; Kanto-Koshin, Tokai, and Kyushu are expected to follow shortly after. By May 2, the flowers will have progressively moved north to Hokkaido.

Arai Gochome Hodo Bridge

Nakano, Tokyo

Location: 5 Chome-32 Arai, Nakano City, Tokyo 165-0026, Japan
Best time: early morning on a sunny day / evening is also good, but more crowded.
Photography Equipment: different lenses, but definitely take a tele-lens with you. You can set up a tripod without issues.
Photospot(s): on the bridge / at the street / at the bus-station

Visit Tokyo’s Arai Gochome Hodo Bridge in Nakano to begin your photographic Sakura adventure. This photo spot in Tokyo is the best for capturing the stunning beauty of Sakura. Known as one of the greatest places to take pictures around Tokyo, this photo location provides not only a breathtaking cherry blossom background but also a special chance to capture the charming yellow train through the cherry tree blooms. For those who want to get the best photography results, the best time to visit this amazing location is in the early morning on a bright day. Evenings are usually busier, but they also lead to amazing results.

The colorful contrast between the gentle blossoms and the lively photo of the yellow train moving through the cherry blossoms is what really makes Arai Gochome Hodo Bridge stand out as a photo location. Every five to ten minutes, this train passes by, giving photographers plenty of chances to catch the best photo. It’s advised to carry a range of lenses for this unusual shooting location, with a tele-lens being an absolute necessity for getting close-up shots of the sakura and the passing train. Here is a perfect place to set up a tripod for steady, crisp shots. As such, it should be on every photography enthusiast’s cherry blossom itinerary.

Make sure to check out the detailed cherry blossom guide for Nakano.

Yellow Train during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Yellow Train during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 200mm | f2.8 | 1/5000s | ISO320
Yellow Train during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Yellow Train during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f2.8 | 1/2500s | ISO100
 Hidden Gem Katayamaritsu Bridge
Don’t miss this spot more in the north of Arai Gochome Hodo Bridge. Perfect for street photography. Take a deeper look at my Nakano Photography Guide to get more details about this spot.

Nakano Cherry Blossom Guide

Visit the guide to the Sakura photo spots

Nakano Photography Guide

Roppongi Keyakizaka Street

Minato, Tokyo

Location: 6 Chome-9 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Best time: all day good
Photography Equipment: standard lens is fine
Photospot(s): on the bridge / down the road

Ensure to visit one of the best photo spots in Tokyo during cherry blossom season: Roppongi Keyakizaka Street — it’s a treasure among the city’s top photo locations. I urge anyone looking for the ideal photo opportunity to capture the alluring essence of Sakura to visit this place. The accessibility of this photo spot and the breathtaking vista it provides throughout the day are what make it so charming. In contrast to other photo locations where time is of the essence, Roppongi Keyakizaka Street remains charming all day, from the gentle morning light to the evocative evening tones. This adaptability enables photographers to capture the magnificence of the full-bloom cherry blossoms on any schedule.

 Visit an observation deck for Tokyo Tower
This photo spot is also perfect to visit before visiting either the Roppongi Sky Deck or Azabudai Hills Sky Lobby to watch Tokyo Tower at sunset.
Keyakizaka Street at Cherry Blossom season in Minato, Tokyo Keyakizaka Street at Sakura in Minato, Tokyo – Photo taken with OPPO Find X3 Pro
Keyakizaka Street at Sakura in Minato, Tokyo Keyakizaka Street at Sakura in Minato, Tokyo – Photo taken with OnePlus 9 Pro

From the pedestrian bridge that overlooks Roppongi Keyakizaka Street, you may get one of the most spectacular angles to photograph this famous scene. Photographers can capture the entire beauty of the cherry-lined road and create a striking frame full of the delicate white blooms from this vantage point. This image, which beautifully combines nature and urban landscapes, captures the spirit of Tokyo during the sakura season.

For photography equipment at this site, a basic lens is sufficient. Roppongi Keyakizaka Street’s arrangement and proximity make it possible to take beautiful pictures without the use of sophisticated lenses. Standard lenses are sufficiently adaptable to capture both the grand vistas and the minute details of the cherry blossoms. This makes it the perfect photo location for pros seeking a simple yet fulfilling photographic experience as well as amateurs with modest equipment.

Chidorigafuchi Moat

Chiyoda, Tokyo

Location: Sanbancho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0091, Japan
Best time: morning when boat rent is opening
Photography Equipment: Tele-lens is recommended
Photospot(s): North part – but make sure to along the moat to find many other great spots
 Be early if you want to paddle!
If you want to rent a boat, make sure to be there when the boat rental opens. On a sunny day, the waiting line might take 2 hours or even more.

Chidorigafuchi Moat, in the center of Tokyo, is one of the best photo spots, especially in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. Chidorigafuchi is widely regarded as one of the most popular destinations for cherry blossom photography and a vital component of any travel guide. When the boat rental opens in the morning, this is the ideal time to visit this photo location. This timing guarantees not only softer lighting—perfect for photos—but also fewer people, making for more serene and composed images. The morning light softly illuminates the blossoms, creating a subtle play of color and light that is ideal for capturing the ethereal beauty of the sakura.

For taking pictures at Chidorigafuchi, a tele-lens is highly advised. This lens option adds depth and a unique viewpoint to your images, making it perfect for close-up shots of far-off flowers or for catching the boats on the water of the moat. A range of compositions, from broad vistas of the scenery to close-ups of specific branches hanging over the lake, can be made with the capacity to focus on far-off details.

While Chidorigafuchi’s north is a well-known photo location, you are invited to explore along the moat as well. There are countless photo opportunities around every bend and turn along the route, which unveils fresh perspectives and compositions. 

Chidorigafuchi Moat during Sakura in Tokyo Chidorigafuchi Moat during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f8.0 | 1/500s | ISO100
Chidorigafuchi Moat during Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Chidorigafuchi Moat during Sakura / Cherry Blossom in Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 158mm | f3.2 | 1/2500s | ISO100

Sumida Park

Sumida, Tokyo

Location: 1 Chome Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0033, Japan
Best time: morning for no people or afternoon for more action
Photography Equipment: standard + tele-lens recommended
Photospot(s): east side of Sumida river / Skytree View – but there are plenty great spots if you walk around

In Sakura season, Sumida Park, which lies in the north-east part of Tokyo, is a photographer’s dream come true. I can confirm that this park is one of Tokyo’s top locations for taking pictures of cherry blossom. Sumida Park, well-known for its breathtaking scenery and lively ambiance, provides a wealth of chances for both novice and expert photographers wishing to expand their repertoire of cherry blossom shots. The park offers a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints, stretching across both banks of the Sumida River. To take advantage of all the best photo spots, you must visit both sides of the river.

The best time to visit Sumida Park is early in the morning if you want to take pictures of peaceful, deserted settings. On the other hand, the afternoon is the best time to capture bright vitality during the cherry blossom season because it offers more activity and life to the park. The way people interact with nature enhances photographs, demonstrating the cultural significance of sakura in Japanese society.

 Skytree Photo Spot!
The Skytree Cherry Blossom photo spot is a bit outside the park. There is a lonely Sakura tree at this location, which helps you frame the Skytree with cherry blossoms.
Sumida Park in Tokyo at cherry blossom Sumida Park at cherry blossom / Sakura – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f4.0 | 1/250s | ISO100
Tokyo Skytree Sakura Cherry Blossom Photo Spot Tokyo Skytree Sakura Cherry Blossom – Canon EOS R5 with RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM | 43mm | f2.8 | 1/6400s | ISO50

Meguro River

Meguro, Tokyo

Location: 1 Chome-13-8 Kamimeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0051, Japan
Best time: early morning for less crowd and evening for light show
Photography Equipment: standard sufficient, but also tele-lens recommended
Photospot(s): at Naka-meguro Station – don’t mix with Meguro station

The early morning and evening are the ideal times of day to explore the Meguro River. Photographers can benefit from reduced crowds early in the morning, which makes it possible to get peaceful images and unhindered views of the cherry blossoms along the river. Meguro River’s evenings become a breathtaking light show, providing an entirely new experience. Photographers will love the enchanted and wonderful environment that the lighted cherry blossoms create. The illuminated sakura lend a beautiful glow to the landscape as they reflect off the water’s surface.

 Right spot at Naka-meguro Station!
Make sure to arrive at the right spot. The main spot is at Naka-meguro Station. Do not arrive at Megura Station unless you want to take a long walk along the river.

In terms of photography gear, Meguro River’s beauty can usually be captured with a normal lens. On the other hand, using a tele-lens is recommended as well. You can capture the wider scene of the river bordered with cherry trees or zoom in on faraway details with the tele-lens, giving you more creative control over your photos. 

Meguro River at late Sakura season Meguro River at late Sakura season – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 92mm | f16.0 | 1/125s | ISO200
Meguro River at night illumination Meguro River at night illumination – Canon EOS R5 with RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM | 24mm | f2.8 | 1/60s | ISO2000

Make sure to go to the area surrounding Naka-meguro Station—which should not be mistaken for Meguro Station—is a crucial piece of advice for visiting the Meguro River. Some of the best sites to see the cherry blossoms along the river are around Naka-meguro Station. There are lots of attractive spots here that are perfect for capturing the spirit of sakura season.

 Take a walk along the river!
It is also worth walking along the river towards the east in the direction of Meguro Station during the day. The walkway is full of Sakura trees. But this part of the river is not illuminated in the evening and is therefore only recommended during daytime.

Sakuragaoka (Sakura Street)

Shibuya, Tokyo

Location: 16 Sakuragaokachō, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Best time: early morning during cherry blossom season
Photography Equipment: full range (wide- to tele-lens)
Photo spot(s): at the crossing / other side of intersection with tele-lens / on the bridge
 Different perspectives
Try the other photo spots on the other side of the intersection and on the bridge to get some more angles!

See Tokyo’s famous Sakura Street, also called Sakuragaokacho, for yourself the stunning splendor of cherry blossoms. Timing is everything when trying to capture the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. Set your alarm for early in the morning during cherry blossom season, when Sakura Street is bathed in a soft, lovely light. The blossoms are enveloped in a serene radiance from the embrace of morning, producing an otherworldly landscape perfect for your photo expedition. Additionally, the quieter atmosphere of early mornings allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the moment.

Sakura Street offers a wide variety of shots, from wide vistas of the whole street to close-ups of delicate flowers. Have a wide range of lenses at your disposal, from wide-angle to telephoto. With a wide-angle lens, you can catch the street’s grandeur, while a telephoto lens can help you zoom in to capture the subtle details and beauty of individual petals.

Sakuragaoka (Sakura Street) at cherry blossom, Shibuya, Tokyo, JapanSakuragaoka (Sakura Street) during Cherry Blossom – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f8.0 | 1/250s | ISO100
Sakuragaoka (Sakura Street) from bridge view point at Shibuya, Tokio, JapanSakuragaoka (Sakura Street) during Cherry Blossom – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f8.0 | 1/320s | ISO100

Different Photo Spots

  • The Crossing Viewpoint: Stand in the center of the road and take pictures of the blooms that around the bustling intersection. A wide-angle lens is ideal for this location since it captures the entire panorama and highlights the interactions between the natural world and the built environment.
  • Alternative side of the roads: You might get another great perspective of Sakura Street from the other side of the intersection, with the complete crossing in the front.
  • Top of the Bridge: Aerial views of Sakura Street can be obtained by climbing to the summit of the nearby bridge. Capture images of the cherry blossom-bordered crossing. This viewpoint adds depth to your images by emphasizing the grandeur and splendor of the blossoms at their peak.

Shibuya Guide

Visit the guide to the best photo spots

Shibuya Travel & Photography Guide

Ueno Park

Taito, Tokyo

Location: Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0007, Japan
Best time: early morning for less people, but afternoon is great for more action
Photography Equipment: tele-lens to isolate objects
Photospot(s): Main walkway in the park – but as in all the parks, there are plenty of photo spots around

Situated in the north of Tokyo, Ueno Park becomes a top photo spot when cherry blossom season rolls around to capture the breathtaking beauty of sakura. This park provides a range of settings and backgrounds, making it a must-visit location in any travel guide covering cherry blossoms.

Early morning is the best time to visit Ueno Park if you’re a photographer hoping to get some quiet moments with fewer people. The serene atmosphere of the morning creates a peaceful backdrop that permits unhindered vistas and the chance to photograph the cherry blossoms at their peak. However, Ueno Park has a distinct energy in the afternoon, which makes it a fantastic time to capture more movement and the vibrant mood of Tokyo during the cherry blossom season. The park is bustling with people, which gives the pictures a lively human feel. The contrast between the vivacious energy of the people and the serene beauty of the cherry blossoms creates a unique photo opportunity.

Ueno Park in Tokyo at Sakura Ueno Park in Tokyo at Sakura – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 200mm | f2.8 | 1/2000s | ISO100

A well-known photo location, Ueno Park’s main promenade provides a traditional vista of the cherry blossom trees that line the path. Photographers are urged to venture beyond the main promenade, though, since there are many other photo opportunities across the park, each providing a distinctive viewpoint of the sakura. Ueno Park is full of photogenic spots, from secret forests to serene ponds reflecting the blossoms.

Hinokicho Park

Minato, Tokyo

Location: 9 Chome-7-9 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Best time: afternoon
Photography Equipment: standard lens sufficient, but also tele-lens recommended
Photospot(s): pedestrian bridge / another pedestrian bridge / cherry blossom walk
 Midtown Garden
There is a great possibility to chill and take some cocktails and canapes during cherry blossom season. Take an hour to relax at Midtown Garden.
Dates for 2024 not yet confirmed, but take a look at

When cherry blossoms are in bloom, Tokyo’s Hinokicho Park becomes a photographer’s dream location, complete with the stunning sight of sakura. This park is a hidden gem that seamlessly blends into the collection of Tokyo’s greatest locations for photos during Sakura season. It’s a spot that should be highly featured in any travel guide on cherry blossoms looking for great photo spots.

In Hinokicho Park, the afternoons have a special charm. This time of year, the sun plays hide-and-seek with the cherry blossoms, creating a warm, vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for photographers trying to capture the essence of sakura. The interaction of light and shadow and the vibrant pink of the blooms make the scene both lively and enthrallingly beautiful.

Hinokicho Park Cherry Blossom / Sakura in Minato Tokyo Hinokicho Park Cherry Blossom / Sakura in Minato Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 70mm | f8.0 | 1/400s | ISO100
Hinokicho Park Cherry Blossom / Sakura in Minato Tokyo Hinokicho Park Cherry Blossom / Sakura in Minato Tokyo – Canon EOS R5 with RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM | 35mm | f4.5 | 1/2500s | ISO100

However, the two pedestrian bridges are what really make Hinokicho Park unique. These bridges lead to some of the park’s most breathtaking vistas; they are more than just walkways. A curvy roadway lined with a riot of cherry blossoms is visible when gazing down from these bridges. This viewpoint is distinct, providing an uncommon and exciting view.

 21 21 Design Sight Museum
It is also recommended to visit if you are interested in modern art. More information is under

Yoyogi Park

Shibuya, Tokyo

Location: Japan, 〒151-0052 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Yoyogikamizonocho, 神南2丁目
Best time: in the morning for less people and afternoon for more action
Photography Equipment: bring your tele-lens with you to isolate subjects
Photo spot(s): Cherry Blossom garden / Park Central Pond

Explore Yoyogi Park visually, a tranquil area tucked away in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Plan your photographic expedition for the morning, especially if you want to capture the cherry blossoms for photos, if you want to fully appreciate Yoyogi Park’s charm. The first light of dawn softly illuminates the park, creating a serene backdrop for capturing the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms on camera.

Shibuya - Yoyogi-Park at cherry blossom, Tokyo, Japan Shibuya – Yoyogi-Park at cherry blossom – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 200mm | f5.0 | 1/320s | ISO100
Shibuya - Yoyogi-Park at cherry blossom, Tokyo, Japan Central pond in Yoyogi-Park – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 147mm | f5.0 | 1/500s | ISO100

Different Photo Spots

  • Cherry Blossom Garden: Yoyogi Park’s Cherry Blossom Garden is a symphony of gorgeous hues and fragrant petals during cherry blossom season. Use your telescopic lens to focus on specific flowers to create a serene, elegant image.
  • Park Central Pond: To add a lyrical and fascinating element to your photographs, arrange the cherry blossoms in the quiet waterways in a way that highlights them. The beauty of Yoyogi Park is encapsulated in a poetic image, amplified by the light of the dawn.

Senso-ji Temple / Asakusa Shrine

Taito, Tokyo

Location: 2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan
Best time: in the morning for less people and afternoon for full action
Photography Equipment: bring tele-lens with you
Photospot(s): Nakamise-dori Street / young cherry trees – hundreds of opportunities around

During cherry blossom season, Senso-Ji Temple, commonly called Asakusa Shrine, is a popular photo spot in Tokyo’s old district. It is well-known for its scenic surroundings and cultural value, making it one of the greatest photo locations, particularly for those who want to capture the spirit of the sakura in their shots.

The time of day at Senso-Ji Temple has a big impact on getting the ideal photo. The early hours are perfect for photographers who want a calm, empty setting. The serene ambiance and gentle morning light create the perfect setting for unhindered views of the cherry blossoms against the grand backdrop of the temple. For those who want to capture Tokyo’s serene side during the cherry blossom season, this is the ideal time. The afternoon brings about a total change in energy. The region is humming with activity, providing a window into Tokyo life in all its glory during cherry blossom season. This is the perfect time to take colorful pictures of crowded streets.

Asakusa Shrine / Senso-ji Temple at Cherry Blossom / Sakura Asakusa Shrine / Senso-ji Temple at Cherry Blossom / Sakura – Canon EOS R5 with RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM | 135mm | f2.8 | 1/200s | ISO200
Asakusa Shrine / Senso-ji Temple at Cherry Blossom / Sakura Asakusa Shrine / Senso-ji Temple at Cherry Blossom / Sakura – Canon EOS R5 with EF85mm f/1.2L II USM | 85mm | f3.5 | 1/200s | ISO100
 Really tasty ramen close by
If you are looking for really good ramen after visiting Senso-ji Temple, I can recommend this small ramen restaurant called Kitakata Ramen Bannai Asakusa close by. One of the best ramen we had in whole Japan!

Best accommodations

Tokyo, Japan⁠

Tokyo, Japan, is well known for its amazing selection of lodging options, which suit a wide range of preferences and tastes. The city has many opulent hotels that give an unforgettable and opulent stay, even though it might not be the most affordable option. Travelers are in for an amazing experience, whether they choose luxurious five-star hotels with stunning city views or classy boutique hotels that highlight Japan’s distinct hospitality. However, there are many inexpensive options available for individuals on a tight budget, such hostels or capsule hotels, which offer a cozy and cost-effective stay without sacrificing convenience or cleanliness. Tokyo offers a variety of lodging options to suit any budget or preference, guaranteeing a memorable stay in this energetic metropolis.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

  • Very exclusive
  • Spectacular view on Tokyo Tower
  • Great starting point for South Tokyo
  • Check at

    Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

    Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

  • Onsen Ryokan
  • In busy Shinjuku area
  • Get the city view room
  • Check at

    Muji Hotel Ginza

    Muji Hotel Ginza

  • Minimalistic Design
  • In Central Area
  • No Bar in the evening
  • Check at

    Wing International Select

    Wing International Select

  • Awesome rooftop view on Sky Tree
  • Close to Senso-ji Temple
  • Low-Budget
  • Check at

    Sakura in Tokyo
    Cherry blossom in Tokyo

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