Susten Pass | Switzerland


The Susten Pass is a scenic Swiss Alps mountain pass that connects the cantons of Uri and Bern. At an elevation of 2,224 metres, the pass provides breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and the Reuss valley. The Susten Pass is a popular hiking, biking, and tourist destination. It’s a great place to start a trip through the beautiful Swiss Alps, from the green lowlands to the snow-covered peaks.

The Susten Pass is a photographer’s dream, offering breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and awe-inspiring scenery. The pass is also a popular place for people who like to be outside. They can take a walk in the nearby mountains or swim in the alpine lakes. Wildlife enthusiasts can also see a range of creatures such as ibex, chamois, and marmots.

Overall, the Susten Pass is a must-see for anybody who appreciates nature, outdoor sports, and photography. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the natural majesty of the Swiss Alps while admiring the scenic vistas of the Reuss valley and neighbouring peaks.