Park Royal Pickering | Singapore


Park Royal Pickering is a five-star hotel in Singapore. The hotel is well-known for its modern and attractive design, as well as its central location in the city. The hotel has an infinity pool, a fitness centre, and more than one place to eat. The hotel rooms are big and well-equipped, with high-speed internet and flat-screen TVs, among other modern conveniences.

The hotel lies in the centre of Singapore, near several of the city’s major attractions, including the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road, and the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel is also close to public transportation, making it simple to explore the city.

When you go to Park Royal Pickering, you can stay in the heart of Singapore and still enjoy the grandeur and comfort of a five-star hotel. It is a great choice for tourists who want a nice and convenient place to stay while they explore the city and its sights. Park Royal Pickering is a great place to stay in Singapore if you want a high-end experience, thanks to its great location, great facilities, and great service.