Desert Dunes | Nambia


Namibia’s dunes are considered one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders, recognised for their distinctive orange colour and towering height, with some reaching up to 300 metres. These dunes are part of the Namib Desert, one of the world’s oldest deserts, and are thought to be around 80 million years old.

The dunes are generated by the constant movement of sand, which is moulded by the winds, and the distinctive orange colour is caused by the presence of iron oxide in the sand. The stark difference between the orange dunes and the blue sky and desert makes for a beautiful sight.

The dunes are also home to many animals and plants that live in the desert. This makes them a great place to take pictures of wildlife and nature. Visitors can explore the area on foot or by 4×4, admiring the stunning scenery and the dunes’ unique geology.

Visiting Namibia’s dunes is a must-see location for anybody who enjoys nature, photography, and outdoor activities; it’s an opportunity to see one of the world’s oldest and most spectacular natural wonders, as well as to feel the immensity and magnificence of the Namib desert.