Osaka Castle Park Area

Osaka Castle Photography Guide

Osaka Castle is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Around the castle is a large park area. From every direction there is a great view of the castle. A beautiful cherry blossom grove surrounds the castle, so especially during the cherry blossom season in spring is a good time to visit the castle, as the whole park blossoms in a delicate pink color.
The park area is always accessible and free of charge. You can wander around for hours, but you can also visit inside the castle itself. The castle offers a breathtaking view of Osaka’s skyline and its surrounding landscape from a vantage point.

Inside the castle and on the way up to the viewpoint park, there are numerous exhibits that span several floors. These provide insights into the history of the castle and its inhabitants and offer interesting background information. A stop is definitely worthwhile.

Best time to visit

The spring cherry blossom season is one of the best seasons to visit Osaka Castle. A lovely cherry blossom forest surrounds the castle and during cherry blossom season it gets framed in pink cotton balls. In Osaka, the cherry blossom festival is a significant occasion, and lots of people come to the castle to take in the show.

Autumn’s ‘Golden Week’ is another excellent time to visit Osaka Castle. Japan always celebrates a string of public holidays from late September to early October known as the “Golden Week.” Since many people are on vacation at this time, Osaka Castle is extremely crowded.

To avoid the crowds, it is typically advised to visit Osaka Castle early in the morning or late in the day. The castle is also less crowded on weekdays than it is on weekends and holidays.

How to get to Osaka Castle

Take one of the following metro lines and get off at one of the stops:

  • Tanimachi Line and get off at “Temmabashi Station”. From here, proceed east.
  • Take the Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line to “Osaka Business Park Station”. It is the quickest route to Gokuraku-bashi Bridge.
  • If you have more time, you can also take the “Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line,” “Chuo Line,” or “Osaka Loop Line” to the “Morinomiya Station” stop.

Best photography spots at Osaka Castle

The best images you can get from outside the castle moat. When you go too close to the castle, the angle no longer works and the perspective isn’t as interesting. The view from the castle’s roof is equally pleasant, but you must decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile. Otherwise, go around the castle once you’re in the park. Great photo opportunities are abound here.

Gokuraku-bashi Bridge

Osaka Castle Park Area

Japanese Garden

Osaka Castle - Japanese Garden view

  • Exact location: 34°41’08.8″N 135°31’29.6″E
  • Some kind of secret spot, because everyone runs to the castle.
  • Tripod possible, nevertheless sometimes difficult.
  • Great reflection in the pond.

From Osaka Castle rooftop

View from Osaka Castle

  • Exact location: 34°41’14.9″N 135°31’33.1″E
  • Nice view over Osaka.
  • No space for a tripod.
  • Unsure if worth, because the surroundings are much more photogenic.
  • If you want to safe some money and time, skip this spot.


Osaka Castle

  • Exact location: 34°41’20.8″N 135°31’31.0″E
  • Check out the complete surroundings, there are so many amazing photo spots, dependent on the light and bloom conditions.
  • Tripod possible.
  • Take also some close-up shots with your tele-lens.

No drones allowedTake tele-lens with youNo tripod restrictions

Location: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 540-0002, Japan
Opening Hours: 24h for park | 09:00 – 17:00 for castle
Entrance Fee: no entrance fee for park area | 600 ¥ for castle
Best time: Cherry blossom at sunrise, but sunset and rest of the year also worth
Homepage: |
Photography Equipment: No drones allowed | Tripod can be used at park area | Wide- and Telelens recommended

Osaka Castle Photography Guide

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