DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza Photography Guide

For photographers visiting Seoul, South Korea, DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is a must-see location. This cultural complex, which is situated in the busy district of Dongdaemun, is a visual feast because to its outstanding interior and exterior architecture and design.You’ll be captivated by DDP’s distinctive and modern architecture the moment you arrive. The structure’s wavy lines and organic patterns are both captivating and inviting, making it the ideal backdrop for photographs. There are numerous possibilities to take stunning photos of the building’s façade, whether you’re using a phone or a DSLR.

But DDP’s beauty extends beyond its exterior; the building’s inside is just as gorgeous. There is always something intriguing and visually appealing to look and photograph thanks to the numerous exhibition rooms, event spaces, and a museum. Clean lines, vibrant colors, and an open, airy layout characterizes the interior design of the rooms, which are both futuristic and contemporary.You’ll like the range of displays and activities that take place at DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza as a photographer. There is constantly something fresh and exciting to observe and photograph, from fashion displays to art installations. You can easily spend the entire day at DDP wandering and taking pictures because there are so many retail and dining alternatives.

The chance to capture Seoul’s colorful and dynamic energy is undoubtedly the biggest motivation for a photographer to visit DDP. The exhibits and activities held at DDP, which is a center for creativity and innovation located in the city, reflect this. You can find a wide range of skill and inspiration, from regional artists to foreign designers.

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a must-visit location for photographers traveling to Seoul, in general. There are plenty of photo opportunities, from the complex’s gorgeous architecture and design to its varied and interesting exhibits and activities. So be sure to include it on your list of must-see places when you next visit Seoul – you won’t be disappointed!

When to go to DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza?

Best time to visit to visit ⁠DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

When visiting DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza, one of the most important factors for photographers to think about is the light. When the complex’s exquisite structures created by the shadows are visible, it is especially remarkable because to its distinctive and futuristic architecture, which gives your photographs more depth and appeal.

When the sun is at a lower angle but still high enough to cast shadows, after sunrise or in the late afternoon is one of the finest times to visit DDP for photography. The building’s façade is covered in intriguing patterns and shapes thanks to the shadows, which are longer and more intense than at midday. The interior spaces of DDP are also well-lit during these hours, allowing you to capture the clean lines and bright colors of the design without harsh shadows or blown-out highlights.

Additionally, DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a stunning place to visit at night. The structure is lit up with vibrant and erratic lighting, which produces an amazing visual display. When the building is illuminated, the exterior is especially remarkable since the illumination draws attention to the complex’s distinctive and futuristic architecture.

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a stunning location for photography at any time of day, in general. You’ll have lots of chances to take beautiful pictures in this distinctive and inspiring location, whether you like the clear, crisp light of the early morning or late afternoon, the warm and golden light of the golden hour, or the bright and dynamic lighting at night.

How to get to DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza?

Best ways to get to DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

In general, travelling to DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza is simple and easy, whether you choose to drive or take public transportation. There are numerous parking spaces available, and the complex is easily reachable by car or from the local metro station. So be sure to organize your trip and take advantage of everything DDP has to offer!

I strongly advise using public transportation. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, served by Lines 2, 4, and 5, is the nearest metro station to DDP. You can leave the station using Exit 1 and then follow the directions to DDP. The building is directly above the metro stop.

If you’re coming to DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza by car, there are a number of parking lots close by, including the DDP Parking Lot, which is underground and connected to the complex.

Best photo spots at DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Best photography locations in Seoul

One of the best places to take photos at DDP is on the exterior of the building. The curving lines and organic shapes of the design create beautiful patterns and structures that are perfect for photography. You can capture the entire building from a distance, or get up close and focus on specific details.
Inside the complex, you’ll find a variety of exhibition halls, stairs and a museum, all of which offer interesting and visually appealing subjects for photography.

Tunnel Stairs

Best photo spots at Seoul

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

  • Exact location: 37°34’01.5″N 127°00’33.9″E
  • If you arrive with metro, just turn left at the ground floor to find these stairs.
  • Location not so crowded and you can use your tripod easily.

Interior Stairs

Best photo spots at Seoul

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

  • Exact location: 37°33’59.4″N 127°00’32.7″E
  • Best way to enter directly from top, is taking the entrance at the roof after following the green field from east.
  • Try different angles.
  • Use a really wide lens.


Best photo spots at Seoul

DDP Dongdaemun Design Plaza

  • Exact location: 37°34’01.1″N 127°00’36.1″E
  • Not sure if the piano is a permanent installation, but it can be found on the east side of the main buildings.
  • There is quiet often somebody playing.

No drones allowedTripod allowedTake tele-lens with you

Location: 281 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 7(chil)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South-Korea
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 for inside / park accessible 24h
Entrance Fee: no fee
Best time: All year long / During the day, when shadows are visible or at night
Homepage: ddp.or.kr
Photography Equipment: No drones allowed | Telelens recommended

DDP Photography Guide
DDP Photography Guide

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