Enkouji Temple Garden View. Experience the peace and serenity of Enko-ji Temple - a hidden gem in Kyoto, Japan.

Enkouji Temple Photography Guide

Enkouji Temple is located in the northeast of Kyoto. Especially for photographers this place is fun because of the versatile garden, which is located behind the main building. At any time of the year and day, you can take fantastic pictures here, even when the sun is high during lunchtime, thanks to the tall trees. There is a small bamboo forest, many stone paths, and if you are attentive you will also discover small Buddha statues in the enchanting moss garden.

Enkouji Temple in Kyoto is a Buddhist temple built in 1601 by Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa as a school. The temple houses many works of art and relics from Japan’s history, including the main image of the thousand-armed Kannon, a statue of Zenji Zenji, screens with bamboo groves, and produced wooden fonts from the early modern period. In the cemetery of the temple there are also the graves of historical figures.

When to go to Enkouji Temple?

Best time to visit to visit ⁠Enkouji Temple

Enkouji Temple in Kyoto can be visited all year round and at any time of day. In winter, when the first snow has fallen, you can admire the snow-covered gardens. In spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the temple becomes picturesque. In summer, the moss garden shines in seeded green and the tall trees cast shadows. And then in autumn, you can enjoy the blaze of colors of the autumn leaves.

Since Enkouji does not open its gates until 9:00 a.m., the sun is already high enough for the first rays of sunlight to rise behind the hill.

How to get to Enkouji Temple?

Best ways to get to Enkouji Temple

The best way to reach Enkouji Temple is by public transport. The fastest way is to take the metro “Karasuma Line” from Kyoto station to Matsugasaki Station (about 20min) and then either take the Line 8 bus to the bus stop “Ichijoji Shimizucho” (about 16min) or walk the 2.3km (about 30min). Since the bus only runs every 30min, the walk can be worth it.

Alternatively, you can take the Line 5 bus to the “Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho” stop without changing buses. The trip also takes only 50min, but it may be that you have to stand because of rush hour the whole trip.

Best photo spots at Enkouji Temple

Best photography locations in Kyoto⁠

Especially the view from the porch of the main building is an iconic image with great framing. White in winter with a little luck, green in summer and filled with orange tones in autumn. Attentive visitors will spot the great Buddha statues in the moss garden. At the same time, the gate between the rock garden and the moss garden offers great framing. Lastly, the bamboo garden also provides a great escape line.

View of the garden

Best photo spots at Enkouji Temple⁠

Enkouji Temple Garden View. Experience the peace and serenity of Enko-ji Temple - a hidden gem in Kyoto, Japan.

Little Buddha

Best photo spots at Enkouji Temple⁠

Enkouji Temple - Cute Buddha

  • Exact location: 35°02’41.5″N 135°47’49.3″E
  • Not easy to find this tiny one, if you are in hurry and don’t know the exact location.
  • Tripod possible, nevertheless sometimes difficult.
  • Usually easy to get a nice frame.

Entry gate to the garden

Best photo spots at Enkouji Temple⁠

Enkouji Temple - Entrance to Garden. Experience the peace and serenity of Enko-ji Temple - a hidden gem in Kyoto, Japan.

Bamboo Forest

Best photo spots at Enkouji Temple⁠

Enkouji Temple - Bamboo forest

Near-by recommendations

Photography spots near-by you don't want to miss⁠

There is a lot to explore in the surroundings of Enkouji Temple. Here is a short list of photography locations which shouldn’t miss.

Tanukidani-san Fudō-in Temple

Shisen-dō Shrine

  • Exact location: 35°02’38.7″N 135°47’46.7″E
  • The entry is a small path on the opposite side of the parking lot.
  • Can quickly be reached by foot from Enkouji Temple.
  • Amazing porch with view on the garden.

No drones allowed

Location: 13 Ichijoji Kotanicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8147, Japan
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Entrance Fee: 500 ¥
Best time: All year long
Homepage: enkouji.jp
Photography Equipment: No drones allowed | Tripod not recommended

Enkouji Temple Photography Guide
Enkouji Temple Photography Guide

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