Eibsee – Hidden Rock

Eibsee is a lake at the foot of Germanys highest mountain Zugspitze in Bavaria, close to the border to Austria. It is a quite famous location on Instagram, but still not so busy like Lago di Braies / Pragser Wildsee in Italy. Best time is definitely the morning, when the fog over the lake will be lightened by the first sunbeams.

Most famous is this hidden place with the rock upfront. The photo location is located at 47°27’35.7″N 10°58’34.3″E, but to reach this location you can either follow the coast line or enter a small foot path. You will find the foot path, when following the coast line for a few meters after you pass the boat launch location. The path starts at 47°27’40.7″N 10°58’37.1″E.

Photo Spot:

  • Location: Grainau, Baveria
  • GPS Position: 47°27’35.7″N 10°58’34.3″E
  • Time: always, but best at sunrise
  • Access: 24h/7
  • Drones: no restrictions
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