Etosha National Park


It is not possible to recommend the perfect location in such a huge National Park, because the animals are changing their walking routes daily, but I want to tell you at least my favourite spots where we spotted a pack of lions and several herds of elephants. Nevertheless, you can find many different spots always close to the water holes.

We spotted the pack of lions parallel to the east-west road between Okondeka and Adamax in the North of Okaukejo near 18°59’37.6″S 15°50’07.3″E in the early morning. After entering the park at sunrise, we moved directly to the north and had luck to spot the king of jungle/desert. When the road crossed the path of the lions, we were really close to these amazing animals. It was a moment, which we will never forget.

In the late afternoon I tried to find some elephants. I spotted a herd close to the waterhole Gemsbokvlakte at 19°12’55.4″S 16°03’39.0″E also crossing the road, where I could make some front view shots. I spotted the second large elephant herd close to 19°14’19.0″S 16°07’40.0″E where they took their afternoon snack.

Etosha National Park Map

Photo Spot:

  • Location: Namibia
  • GPS Position: 18°59’37.6″S 15°50’07.3″E
  • Time: early morning, late afternoon
  • Access: national park entry permit
  • Drones: not allowed in this area


  • early in the morning or late afternoon to see animals moving


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