Travel Diary

Ninna-ji Temple

We discovered this pearl by accident. Unlike many of the temples that are among the main attractions in Kyoto, you can move around freely in this temple complex. No barriers or signs prevent you from entering the rooms or other parts of the building. Therefore, the visit to this temple became something very special. Strolling through the rooms, discovering every corner or just sitting on the terrace. While the visitor crowds squeeze through the nearby Ryoan-ji, you can relax here and enjoy the garden – all at your own pace.

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Malojapass & Julierpass

Finally at 8am, the street from Sankt Moritz to the amazing Malojapass was opened. This is what we waited yesterday for. This pass is so amazing, that we could not leave without seeing it. First it was very cloudy, but when the sun came of, it was so fantastic. After taking some shots (some means hundreds) we were heading to our next stop Davos. On the way we drover over the Julierpass and stopped also here for some dronies. I think some of these shots will end up as prints on our wall.

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A day in Sankt Moritz

The beautiful city of St. Moritz. Today we were seeking for the passes to take pictures from top with my drone, but mainly all were closed because of snow, so we spend most of the day in valley. Only the Julierpass was open in the afternoon, but it was to foggy for good pictures. Lets hope for tomorrow.

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First day of our Roadtrip

Our first day on our road trip to Switzerland is over. We started in Flims in the morning and moving to the beautiful city of St. Moritz. In Flims we spend the morning at the Cauma Lake, taking some nice mirror pictures and some drone shots with my DJI Mavic Pro. Trying to find my perfect setting, but I am coming closer. The way to Sankt Moritz was an adventure.

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First day in paradise

What a wonderful first day in paradise. Our stay in the Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Resort started great, the food is delicious, the desserts a dream. Can’t decided, if the dessert or the crystal clear water is better. The first sharks and sting rays were spotted directly in front of our water bungalow. Amazing!