A day in Sankt Moritz

The beautiful city of St. Moritz. Today we were seeking for the passes to take pictures from top with my drone, but mainly all were closed because of snow, so we spend most of the day in valley. Only the Julierpass was open in the afternoon, but it was to foggy for good pictures. Lets hope for tomorrow.

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First day of our Roadtrip

Our first day on our road trip to Switzerland is over. We started in Flims in the morning and moving to the beautiful city of St. Moritz. In Flims we spend the morning at the Cauma Lake, taking some nice mirror pictures and some drone shots with my DJI Mavic Pro. Trying to find my perfect setting, but I am coming closer. The way to Sankt Moritz was an adventure.

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Road trip to St. Moritz!

Taj Mahal

Be one of the first at sunrise. It is becoming very early very crowded and it stays the complete day crowded until sunrise. The most famous photo position is in the middle of the garden with a straight view on the Taj Mahal. You will get beautiful reflections in the water.
This photo spot is located inside a locked area. Please check the opening hours, which are around sunrise to sunset.

Photo Spot:

  • Location: Agra, India
  • GPS Position: 27°10’23.9″N 78°02’31.6″E
  • Time: sunrise or sunset
  • Access: from sunrise to sunset
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First day in paradise

What a wonderful first day in paradise. Our stay in the Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Resort started great, the food is delicious, the desserts a dream. Can’t decided, if the dessert or the crystal clear water is better. The first sharks and sting rays were spotted directly in front of our water bungalow. Amazing!

Potala Palace

Another crowded photo spot, which is worth to wake up early. The view on the majestic Potala Palace is just stunning.
But this location doesn’t offer much space, therefore be around one hour before sunrise to get space to place your tripod. I was 30 min before sunrise and I had to settle for a less than optimal position. I had to wait until the first photographers left their space to get a better position.
This photo spot is located public and can be accessed 24/7.

Photo Spot:

  • Location: Lhasa, Tibet (China)
  • GPS Position: 29°39’08.1″N 91°06’54.1″E
  • Time: Sunrise
  • Access: Public place / 24h
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